What We Do

Esperanza is a community-based alternative to detention, placement and incarceration program for young people involved in the justice system. Esperanza’s approach is designed to enhance families’ strengths and encourage communication among young people and their family members.

Our Services

  • We provide direct services, including [services], to youth, their caregiver(s), and other family members, including assessment, individual and family therapy, case management and crisis intervention.
  • We prevent barriers to service access by providing services in the home, around the family’s schedule.
  • We assist caregivers in developing and implementing a comprehensive behavior management plan.
  • We assist clients with educational and vocational planning.
  • We visit schools and other community-based organizations in which the youth is involved.
  • We conduct curfew monitoring.
  • We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to crises as they arise.
  • We cater our services to the unique needs of each youth and his or her caregiver(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

From family courts, youth may receive Esperanza services as part of their disposition (sentence); from adult courts, youth may enter the program at various points, such as at the time of a plea bargain, during a term of probation for the purpose of avoiding a violation, or even during the pendency of a case. As soon as a young person is enrolled into Esperanza, home-based services begin within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Esperanza is a short-term intensive intervention. The program lasts four to six months and is generally followed by a continuing period of probation.

Esperanza provides home-based counseling. Esperanza’s counselor will travel to the family’s home and sessions will take place there. The counseling sessions occur on days and during times that are convenient for the parent/caregivers of our clients. There are a required number of sessions per week, but the sessions will be based on the family’s schedule.

Esperanza’s clients attend schools within the NYC community. Esperanza does not operate a school. However, we have an Educational Specialist who works with our counselors and our clients to identify an appropriate school and to arrange for additional services, such as tutoring, when necessary.

Esperanza provides individual counseling with the youth; individual counseling with the parent/caregiver; and family counseling with the youth, parent/caregiver, and other involved family members.

If enrolled though family court, your child will be required to meet with a Probation Officer. If enrolled through adult court, your child may be required to meet with a Probation Officer during or after their participation in Esperanza, depending on their ultimate sentence.

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